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About Strength and Compassion:

Strength and Compassion brings together the best of Eric Greitens’ award-winning international humanitarian photography work with a striking series of essays. Engaging photographs from Rwanda, Cambodia, Albania, Mexico, India, the Gaza Strip, Croatia, and Bolivia, are combined with bold, intelligent essays on strength, pity, dignity, courage, faith, time, hope, and compassion.

Though the photographs for this book were taken in different countries and amid different struggles, a common theme emerges: even in times of great hardship and in the face of great evil, people with strength and compassion can live with courage. We see the unmistakable, sometimes irreparable consequences of violence and war, yet we also see the unmistakable, always inspiring power of men, women, and children who live through these trials with dignity and emerge with hope.

Ideas and images come together to touch the reader directly. Holocaust survivor Nesse Godin says of Strength and Compassion, “Eric Greitens’ photographs and essays help us all to see that, even in the most difficult circumstances, we can act with kindness. We can make a difference…I love Eric’s book because it helps us to remember, but more importantly, it teaches us how to act.”

Greitens has worked with and photographed some of the world’s most vulnerable populations in situations of great suffering, yet his images and essays stand as a tribute to the dignity and strength of human beings.

Strength and Compassion is both brutal and beautiful. We emerge from it wiser, connected to our compassion, and prepared to live with courage.

Awards and Praise:


“[Eric] has walked in places where human beings have committed the most evil acts, and yet has retained an affection for people. These photographs are all so truly human that we recognize others not only as our brothers and sisters, but as our beautiful brothers and sistersEric’s images and essays bring us to see others, and to see ourselves, in a new way…This is a book that is as challenging as it is enlightening, and it contains a vision that is as honest as it is hopeful.
– Paul Rusesabagina, inspiration behind the film Hotel Rwanda


  • New York Book Festival, Winner for Photography and Grand Prize Winner
  • Foreword Magazine Book of the Year, Gold Medal for Photography
  • 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Winner for Photography
  • Silver Medalist for the Nautilus Book Awards for Art/Photography Book
  • Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award for Best Photography Book








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  • I’m shocked that Senate Democrats would blindly follow the President in supporting such a dangerous Iran deal. (1/2)
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