The Warrior’s Heart

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About The Warrior’s Heart:


As a humanitarian, he helped aid workers heal orphaned children in Rwanda and lived in camps alongside Bosnian refugees. As a warrior, he excelled at the hardest military training in the world and teamed up with fellow SEALs to hunt al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq.

In The Warrior’s Heart, an adaptation of his best-selling memoir, The Heart and the Fist, Eric brings his adventures to life for teens, sharing stories of friendship, struggle, and hard-earned wisdom.

Eric’s personal stories will inspire readers to live every day with compassion and courage.

Resources for Readers, Teachers, Parents, and Students

  • Mission Planning Guide Cover
  • Teachers Guide Cover
  • Character Education Cover WH

Mission Planning Guide

With the help of Youth Service America, one of our country’s leading youth service organizations, Eric has developed a Mission Planning Guide for teachers, students, and volunteers who wish to plan and execute service projects in their community.

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Teacher’s Guide

The Warrior’s Heart Teacher’s Guide was written to engage students across a variety of classroom subjects, including language arts, social science, and character education. The questions, activities, and writing prompts were designed for use on homework assignments, tests, quizzes, discussions, and projects.

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Character Education

An ideal tool for engaging young adults in character development, The Warrior’s Heart asks readers to think critically about their values and how they would respond to difficult situations. Eric Greitens’ stories from Navy SEAL training, humanitarian work overseas, and his time as a student prompt readers to question and develop their values.

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