Navy Seal.
Not a Politician.

What I Believe:

We Must End The Culture Of Corruption.

I believe that career politicians have turned Jefferson City into a corrupt, do-nothing embarrassment. I will clean up the mess by banning gifts from lobbyists, closing the revolving door between legislators and lobbyists, and applying term limits to every statewide elected official.

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The Middle Class Needs A Fighter.

I believe in the dignity of work. As Governor, my top priority will be jobs; to help build an economy that creates more private sector paychecks and bigger private sector paychecks. I’ve seen veterans come home and get a quality job and it’s changed their lives, the lives of their families, and it’s strengthened our communities. There’s purpose and meaning and dignity in work, and as governor, I will build a prosperous state rooted in the values of hard work and personal responsibility.

We Deserve Excellent Government.

When government over-regulates, over taxes, over spends, overreaches—it hurts our businesses, damages our hospitals, injures our middle class, and holds back those struggling to make it into the middle class. It makes life difficult for our teachers, and it threatens our freedom and our prosperity. We must eliminate burdensome regulations that are destroying jobs right here at home.

Police Officers & Firefighters
Need Our Support.

I believe police officers and firefighters should be honored for the hard work they do. They deserve to be led not by lawyers, but by leaders. I pledge to be strong for those who are always on call for us. As Governor, I’ll make sure that they have the training, the equipment, and the support that they need to do their job.

Spending Must Be Cut.

I believe in results and accountability. It’s not enough to talk about solving problems; I believe that if you care about people, then you have to care enough to get results. We must ask of every agency of government and every line item in the budget, a simple question: what is your mission. What results did you produce for the money that you’ve spent? I pledge to shrink government, to eliminate waste and fraud, and to act as a budget hawk, who looks after your every dollar.

Every Life Is Precious.

I am pro-life. As a father of two young children, I believe that every life is precious. I very strongly believe that we must protect and promote the life of every Missourian.

The Second Amendment Is Clear.

I believe we must always defend the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. I am a life member of the NRA and a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

People Of Faith Are Under Attack.

I believe we must protect the religious liberties and the beliefs of all Missourians.

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We Can Improve Education For All Missourians.

I believe every child in Missouri has the right to a first-rate education. Too many Missouri children are trapped in failing schools. I will lead efforts to provide more choices and opportunities for kids who need it most. I strongly oppose “Common Core” and believe local parents and teachers – not Washington bureaucrats – should be in charge of our children’s education.

Our Veterans Deserve Better.

I believe big government is failing our veterans. As Governor, I will make it my mission to make Missouri the best state in America for veterans to live, work, build businesses, and raise their families.

Welfare Needs Reform.

I believe welfare must be reformed so that every person has a chance to live a life of dignity, purpose, and meaning. The current system is broken, and instead of lifting people out of poverty, it too often traps them in it.

It’s Time To Simplify The Tax Code.

I believe Missouri’s tax code is too complicated and is rigged to help special interests. It’s time to level the playing field for middle class families by reforming the tax code and closing special interest loopholes.

Farmers Need A Real Leader.

I believe that agriculture can and should be a growth industry for Missouri. Federal overreach from agencies like the EPA is hurting family farms. I will fight against these crippling regulations, and always side with the hard working farmers and ranchers of Missouri.

Right To Work Helps Missourians.

I believe we must have “Right-to-work” legislation to improve Missouri’s job climate.

The American Dream Is Still Possible For All.

I believe that the most vulnerable in our communities can still achieve the American dream, and live a life of meaning and purpose. Children in foster care, survivors of abuse, those who battle against learning disabilities, and so many others deserve a leader who cares. I promise that every day, I will be a champion for those who most need a fighter on their side.

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