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Client Testimonials:

“Hearing him speak, I couldn’t help but think that Eric is a true modern-day hero. Mr. Greitens was truly the most energizing speaker I have ever had the fortune of hearing, and I know the lessons we learned from him will not be soon forgotten. We were all supremely inspired by hearing his words, and I expect they will have a deep impact on all of us going forward.”

“Eric Greitens’ story of compassion and courage provides a clear and highly relatable worldview and framework which young people, in particular, can emulate as they seek to discover their own extraordinary selves and walk the path of their own unique impact on the world.”

He really struck something in our audience.  We want our concluding speaker to leave them on a thoughtful high and that is exactly what Eric did.”

“A terrific and engaging session.”

“Everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed your speech – we’ve been holding this offsite event for 7+ years and several folks have reached out to say that your speech was the best to date. ”

“Eric Greitens’ speech became the highlight or our client conference in San Antonio. In fact, he received the highest rating over all speakers from our attendees. I watched the audience and was surprised to see a number of people in tears as Eric described his work…Thank you for helping us incorporate this special experience into our program.”

“Eric was great and the group was very pleased and moved by his presentation.  I would highly recommend Eric as a guest speaker for any corporate meeting.  He was also so easy to work with and very responsive to us.”

Speaking Topics:

Building Resilience: Brave Leaders, Better Teams

Every great venture encounters hardship, every great life encounters pain, and every great team suffers together. In the face of hardship, some teams collapse, while others come together. In the face of pain, some individuals quit, while others persevere. In the face of suffering, some causes are abandoned, while other leaders create cohesion. No leader can, and no good leader should, avoid challenges. No good team can, and no good team should, avoid hardship. The virtue of resilience is the ability to adapt to challenges, hardship and pain in such that we become wiser and stronger. How do you build such a team? How do you become such a leader?

In this inspiring speech, Eric Greitens explains how we can turn pain and suffering into wisdom and strength, and through that hardship, transform ourselves and our teams into leaders and top performers. Based on his current research, Eric breaks down the key traits and characteristics that allow individuals and teams not just to survive, but to flourish and realize their full potential. By drawing on his unique experiences and stories, he provides vivid examples of others who have lived through harrowing circumstances to become wiser and more effective. This thought-provoking speech also provides practical methods and training for applying the principles of resilience to everyday life and work.

Brave Leaders, Better Teams is a 1-2 day training session.  Please inquire about availability and rates.

Inspired Leadership through Challenging Times

Eric Greitens is a celebrated author and expert on how to lead organizations through hardship and challenge. As a Navy SEAL, Eric led teams through the hardest military training in the world and deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, where he was the commander of an al Qaeda targeting cell. As an international humanitarian volunteer, he created hope in some of the world’s most difficult situations of poverty and war, and worked with refugees of the Rwandan genocide and survivors of landmines in Cambodia. Now, as the leader of one of America’s most innovative nonprofits, he inspires wounded veterans around the country to begin to serve again in their communities here at home.

Through all his experiences, he has seen that the most successful leaders do more than endure challenging times; they embrace them. With high energy, good humor, and vivid stories, Eric will inspire your people to embrace challenge, create hope, and thrive in in challenging times. Combined with his interactive audio and visual presentation, audiences will carry those lessons with them to become wiser and stronger leaders.

Why it Takes the The Heart & the Fist

In his New York Time bestselling memoir, The Heart & the Fist, Eric Greitens shares the fundamental philosophy of his life’s work: to be effective in solving the world’s problems or even just to live a meaningful life, one must live with both courage and compassion. In this speech, he shows audiences how they can apply that lesson to their own frontlines to create purpose in their lives.

Through his masterful storytelling, he takes readers on an adventure around the world, introducing them to the many teachers who have influenced him: the nuns of Mother Teresa’s home for the destitute and dying, his boxing coach in inner-city Durham, his Navy SEAL instructors, and refugees from Bosnia and Rwanda. Along the way, he includes lessons on humility, vision, courage, hope, and friendship. With striking images from his travels abroad, engaging stories, and a fresh look at today’s challenges, Eric inspires his audience to become stronger, more compassionate, more courageous individuals.

For organizations who wish to supplement these speeches with reading material, both The Heart & the Fist and his book of award-winning photographs and essays, Strength and Compassion, are available for purchase. Please click here to submit an inquiry to Chris Bobak or call (314) 833-6268 for details.

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